Clean Air Dallas are happy to say that we offer Dryer vent cleaning Dallas TX services. Many people all around the world do not feel that dryer vent cleaning is important. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Listen to the professionals. A dirty dryer vent could easily lead to a house fire or plenty or other serious problems.

If you do not get your vent cleaned regularly, there is a good chance that you could experience heartbreak in the future. We strive to offer the best dryer vent cleaning Dallas Texas has to offer and we’re confident that we’ve achieved that goal. More details about our services can be found below.

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    Dallas Dryer Vent Cleaning Done Right

    We understand that there are some shady companies out there. This is why we want to make sure that our clients know that we’re different. When you pay for dryer vent cleaning Dallas TX with us, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll get your money’s worth.

    Our technicians are thorough and they’ll make sure that every last bit of dust is removed from your duct. On top of that, we’re happy to provide you with before and after pictures. We promise that you’ll be satisfied with our work.

    The Statistics

    You would be surprised to learn how many fires are started by dryer vents. Dryers are very problematic. Between 2010 and 2014, it was estimated that nearly 16,000 fires in the United States were started by clothes dryers and washing machines.

    During that same time, 27% of all fires were started by dust, fiber or lint. Suffice to say, this is a very serious problem and it is something that you need to be worried about. If you do not get your dryer vent cleaned, you’re going to experience huge problems at some point. Our dryer vent cleaning Dallas Texas is the best and we can help decrease the likelihood that you’ll experience a house fire.

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    We Educate On The Dangers Of Blocked Dryer Vents

    Most people are only concerned about removing the lent from the inside of their dryer. This is a simple process since most dryers are equipped with a lint trap. While this process is necessary, it does not capture all of the lint produced during the drying cycle. In fact, some of the lint will make its way down into the dryer vent system. Over time, the lint will become one large ball of danger.

    All dryers are equipped with a heater that gets extremely hot. If you look at the heater when the dryer is turned on, you will see it glowing bright red. When the heater comes into contact with the lint, a fire is a possibility.

    Dryer Vent Cleaning Around The Clock

    Our company understands that you work a hectic schedule. You probably do not have a lot of time to sit around and wait for us to arrive. Don’t worry. We aim to make the procedure as convenient as humanly possible for you and your family and it doesn’t matter if you need mold removal Dallas tx services or dryer vent cleaning services. This is why we’re happy to work around the clock. And, this is one of the reasons that we offer the best dryer vent cleaning Dallas TX has ever seen.

    When you need help, you should get in touch with us. We’ll send a technician out to your home no matter what time it is. Plus, we’re happy to work every day of the week. No matter what, you can guarantee that we’ll be here for you.

    Affordable Dryer Vent Cleaning Dallas TX

    There is no doubt that hiring a professional can sometimes be expensive. This shouldn’t be a problem when you work with our Dallas dryer vent cleaning specialists. Our company understands that you need your money and we aim to ensure that you keep as much as possible. We’re happy to say that our services are cost-effective. On top of that, we’re happy to provide our clients with free quotes. We want you to know what you’re going to pay in advance. With us, you’ll never have to worry about hidden fees. You’ll know exactly what you’re going to pay before the procedure is carried out.

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    Knowledge And Ability To Install And Repair Dryer Vent

    Unfortunately, sometimes a dryer vent cleaning can reveal that there is more going on with your dryer duct than just a clog or dirty vent. In fact, there are times when it can reveal that the vent is damaged, broken, or needs major repairs. This is why our team not only has the skills to clean your dryer vents, but we have the knowledge and know how to repair your vents as well.

    Instead, of having to call out another company to make the repair and then calling back out the cleaning company, you can rely on us to do it all for it.

    Equipped For Any Situation

    Don’t you just hate it when you call out someone to do a job and they can’t finish or have to reschedule because they weren’t prepared ahead of time? This is not only time consuming, but it can be a complete inconvenience. And, this is why our company strives to never let situations like this happen.

    We ensure that our employee’s vans are stocked with all the tools, equipment, and repair parts that they could never for any situation imaginable.

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    Cleaning Dryer Vents Within Codes And Regulations

    Most homeowners know that there are certain codes and regulations that certain things in their homes must adhere to. However, most of them don’t know that the dryer vent can fall under these regulations. Every one of our employees knows the rules and regulations. In the event that your dryer vent isn’t up to code, we can let you know and make adjustments for you.

    This not only ensures that you are protected by your insurance in the event of a mishap, but it also ensures that everything in your home is up to code if you decide to sell the home.

    We’re Ready To Go

    As you know, your dryer vent is not going to fix itself. If you haven’t had it cleaned in several years, you need to stop what you’re doing and get in touch with us. We’re ready to go and we’ll get the vent cleaned thoroughly. We promise to fix the problem to the best of our ability! Call us today to get started and us about our duct cleaning Dallas Tx.

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