Methods Of Air Duct Cleaning

The Methods Of Air Duct Cleaning

As a homeowner, it is highly likely that you have noticed more and more commercial duct cleaning companies popping up in your area. In fact, you have probably even considered hiring one of these companies, but you might still be on the fences because you know little to nothing about the cleaning process. You might even think it is a scam.

Well, there is a reason that more and more companies are popping up and it is because homeowners are really becoming more aware of the benefits that the service can serve. So, in order to understand more about the process, below you will learn how the duct cleaning process works and why you should have your air ducts cleaned.

Hooking Up The Vacuum Machine

When the techs arrive at the home the first thing they are going to do is shut off the system and hook up their HEPA vacuum machine. This vacuum machine basically works as a huge vacuum cleaner installed with a high-efficiency filter.

The main purpose of this machine is to put suction on the ductwork so that it can draw all the dirt and debris back to the system and out of the ductwork. First, the system will be tied into the supply side of the system. This is in reference to the vents that blow out air in the home.

Blocking Off The Vents To Create More Suction

While this vacuum machine is extremely powerful it will not be enough to create the suction that is needed to remove all the dirt and debris. This is because duct system as sometimes extremely long and contain tons of twists and turns.

In order to increase the suction pressure, the tech will come into the home and place covers over the vents. All the vents will be covered except for the one that is located furthest from the unit. While the tools needed for a duct cleaning are vast, this method is imperative for enhancing the suction power of the HEPA vacuum.

Blowing And Brushing The Vents

Now, the cleaning process will actually begin. The techs will now utilize an air compressor with long air hoses and airbrushes. They will start at the vent that is uncovered and they will run flexible air hoses and brushes down the vent.

This will knock loose any dirt or debris that is lodged in the vents. Once they have cleaned this vent they will cover it and go to the vent that is located at the second furthest length from the unit. The theory behind this is that by starting at the last vent the techs are pushing all the dirt from the end of the duct system all the way to the front of the system where the HEPA vacuum is located.

Cleaning The Vent Covers And Vent

Once the techs have completed blown and brushed every vent they will clean the vent covers. The techs will utilize microbial chemicals like sanitizers, disinfectants, and deodorizers to accomplish this task. They will just simply spray the materials on the vent covers and wipe them off with a clean rag.

In addition to this, they will also clean out the vent as well. These chemicals will be 100 percent safe and will not cause any adverse side effects to you or your animals, so this is something that you don’t have to worry about. In fact, you can even remain in the home throughout the cleaning process if you choose to.

Cleaning Out The Return

After the techs have blown out the vents and cleaned the vent covers on the supply side they will unhook the HEPA vacuum cleaner form the supply side and tie it into the return side of the system. This is the side of the system where your filters are located.

Once hooked in they will simply go through the same routine of blocking off the vents, blowing them out, brushing them, and cleaning. While the return side will only consist of one or two vents, it is highly likely that the returns will be the dirtiest. In fact, this will probably be where most of your dirt is coming from.

Cleaning The System And Coils

You can see thus far that the Dallas duct cleaning process is pretty in depth. So, if you have ever wondered if it a duct cleaning is worth it, you pretty much have your answer. After cleaning and sanitizing the return side the techs will now move on to the unit. Through Willard Power Vac online services, you can even do all the work by yourself very easily.

They will open the unit, clean, sanitize, and deodorize the coils and HVAC system. Cleaning these coils is just one of the many ways that a duct cleaning could potentially save you money. Cleaning the coils and duct also makes the unit more efficient, which means it isn’t going to have to run as hard or as long to satisfy the temperature in the home.

According to the Best insulation removal experts, this will save wear and tear on the unit and potentially lower the overall cost of your electric bill, which is something that every homeowner could benefit from.

Detecting And Repairing Leaks

Another thing that you need to know is that when you call a company and request a duct cleaning they should send out a salesperson or tech to evaluate the duct system beforehand. This will not only let them know what they are dealing with but during the process, they also check for leaks.

In order to do this, the salesperson or tech will place smoke bombs in the duct and set them off. If there are any cracks or breaks in the ducts the smoke will protrude from the cracks and breaks revealing where they are located. This will allow the professional to make notes of where the cracks and breaks are so they can later be repaired.

Anytime your duct system has leaks it causes the system to work harder and run longer to satisfy the temperature in the home and this is another way that a duct cleaning can save your money.

Revealing The Results

When everything is all said and done the techs can so you the dust and debris that their HEPA vacuum machine collected. You will probably be surprised and shocked at what they pull out of your duct system.

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